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Clinica Sierra Vista

Strategic Goals

  1. Calls (Access): By the end of 2020, capture and deploy best practices in handling phone communication with our patients and stake holders.  The goal is to provide timely accurate phone handling that includes first call resolution.
  2. Day of Service Standard Work Processes: By the end of 2020, we plan to identify, learn from, and deploy best practices, standard work processes that have resulted from Kaizen events, and other clinical workflows, to stabilize the “day of service” patient experience.  The goal is to reduce variation to create a safe and reliable visit that provides zero-defect care without waiting.
  3. Referral & Orders In Flow: To create a highly reliable and safe process that supports completing the processing of after-visit care tasks within 14 days for routine referrals & tasks.
  4. Empanelment: Begin the assignment of each patient to a primary care provider who, with support from a care team, assumes responsibility for coordinating comprehensive services for his/her panel of patient’s. CSV’s aim is to Increases opportunities for team-based care, access, continuity, population management, better health outcomes, and improved experience for our patients.
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