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Message from the CEO

I am thrilled to share our accomplishments as I marvel at the incredible path we have journeyed for nearly five decades. From humble beginnings in a storefront warehouse in Weedpatch, Clinica Sierra Vista has grown to become one of the largest private nonprofit, community-based organizations in the nation. We are recognized at the local, state and national levels as a leader in the provision of primary health care and preventative health-education services to low-income individuals and families and among the medical community as a multi-institutional model for rural healthcare delivery.

Since 1971, we have marked significant events, from the opening of new clinics to the inception of new programs for emerging needs. We are so grateful for the spirit that has infused our growth from the start and are thankful to our friends, our collaborators and our community.

Clinica Sierra Vista is a testament to what can be accomplished when there is a sincere desire to serve. We have faced many challenges, not the least of which have been recent mandates to reduce healthcare costs. Yet we continue to forge ahead to meet those changes and prepare for a new era without compromising our mission. As we celebrate our success, we are aware of the myriad challenges facing us. There is still much to do as we try to reach those who are still not receiving adequate health care.

We view the coming years with excitement as we continue our role in providing much-needed services in the ever-changing healthcare arena, never forgetting who it is we truly serve.

-Stacy Ferreira, Clinica Sierra Vista Interim CEO

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