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Faustino Enriquez, MSN,FNP

About Faustino

I am a father of three girls namely Faith, Hope and Love. My first two are in college both taking BS Biology and my youngest is a sophomore. I have been blessed with a beautiful and understanding wife, we enjoyed being together for the last 29 years. She is a pediatric nurse and taking her masters for pediatric nursing practitioner now. We migrated here 7 years ago to give our three princesses better choices in their life. We have our own private clinic in our country of origin serving children and adult patients, my wife was a pediatrician, and I am in general practice. We both dream of going back in medical practice as a provider and God is good because it’s becoming a reality. People asked why we need to be an NP; our USA petition was approved late (we waited for a dozen years) and it’s our passion and our happiness comes from helping sick people and keeping individuals healthy. Clinica Sierra Vista, I believe is the best place to practice our vocation.

Medical Interests Areas of Interest: Family and emergency medicine