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Alcohol Awareness Month: CAGE Alcohol Test


This April, during Alcohol Awareness Month, Clinica Sierra Vista encourages you to educate yourself and your loved ones about the dangers of drinking too much.

What are you risking?

Take this test to see if alcohol may be a problem for you?
Do you think you could benefit from substance use disorder treatment? This simple alcohol assessment test, referred to as the CAGE questionnaire (or CAGE alcohol test), can help you answer this question. It offers a simple methodology for determining if you have an alcohol problem and can provide a quick indication for the need for a follow-up alcohol assessment. Online alcoholism assessments like the CAGE screening test have been used for decades by doctors and other licensed professionals to help reverse addiction.

  • AUDIT C – A simple and quick screen for determining the level of risk of an individuals’ alcohol or substance use, including multiple levels of concern from mild-moderate concern that can be addressed by self-care changes in consumption, to more serious and difficult to manage levels of use that are best helped by a professional.

When screening results are positive, the patient should be referred for further evaluation and treatment at a certified substance use disorder treatment program.  All Kern County Drug MediCal funded treatment programs are staffed by a Psychiatrist, Licensed Practitioners of the Healing Arts (Masters level Board of Behavioral Sciences Associates and Licensed Therapists); Certified and Registered Substance Use Disorder Counselors and Registered Addiction Specialists who provide case management.  All Kern County MediCal substance use treatment disorder programs are free to the participants.

If you are concerned about someone else’s drinking, or your own, there is help available.

Ebony Counseling Center
1400 So. Union Ave. Ste. 100,
Bakersfield, CA

Delano Adult Behavioral Health Center
828 High Street, Suite C,
Delano, CA, 93215

If you live in any other area in Kern County, you may contact the KernBHRS Gateway team at 661-868-6453 and ask for an evaluation with the substance use disorder treatment provider nearest to you.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings available every Wednesday.



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