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Clinica Sierra Vista

Street Medicine Outreach Program

CLINICA CARES FOR THE COMMUNITY DONATION DRIVE: As COVID-19 continues to impact thousands of our neighbors this holiday season many residents are finding themselves closer to homelessness, relying on services and programs for the first time. Sadly, many more individuals have found themselves on streets needing medical care and critical services to survive.
From December 7th-31st, Clinica Sierra Vista will be gathering donations for our Street Medicine program that will impact our patients experiencing homelessness. We are kindly asking for the following items:


✳️ Jackets
✳️ Blankets
✳️ Socks
✳️ Travel Size Hygiene Products (shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream)
✳️ Protein Drinks
✳️ Dog food
Donations can be dropped off at any of the following Clinica Sierra Vista locations in Kern and Fresno County:


34th Street Community Health Center
2000 Physicians Boulevard Building F Bakersfield CA 93301


Baker Street Village Community Health Center
1015 Baker Street #4 Bakersfield CA 93305


South Community Health Center
2400 Wible Rd #14 Bakersfield CA 93304


Central Bakersfield Community Health Center
301 Brundage Lane Bakersfield CA 93304


East Niles Community Health Center
7800 Niles St Bakersfield CA 93306


East Bakersfield Community Health Center
15 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd Bakersfield CA 93307


Greenfield Community Health Center
9001 South H St Bakersfield CA 93307


Lamont Community Health Center
8787 Hall Rd Lamont CA 93241


Arvin Community Health Center
1305 Bear Mountain Blvd Arvin CA 93203


Delano Community Health Center
425 Del Sol Parkway Delano CA 93215




Elm Community Health Center
2740 S Elm Ave Fresno CA 93706


North Fine Community Health Center
1945 N Fine Ave Suite 100 Fresno CA 93727


Orange & Butler Community Health Center
1350 S Orange Ave Fresno CA 93702


Regional Medical Community Health Center
2505 E. Divisadero St Fresno CA 93721


West Fresno Community Health Center
302 Fresno St Suite 101 Fresno CA 93706


For more information call 1-833-278-4584 and ask about our Clinica Cares for the Community Donation Drive.

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