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Here at Clinica Sierra Vista, our ultimate goal is to offer low-cost medical services for children and adults in the community. Everyone has a right to premium medical services; therefore, we make sure to serve people of a variety of races, disabilities, languages, and ages. As a prominent non-profit organization, we strive to promote the wellbeing of every patient. If you would like affordable healthcare services, you’ll want to check out the following medical services offered at our facility.

Lab Services

We offer onsite lab services performed by experienced healthcare providers. Our lab services include glucose, blood work, AC1, strep, urine testing, hemoglobin, pregnancy, and influenza.

If you choose our special point of care testing service, the results from the lab test may be available instantly.

Dental Care Services

Since dental care is an important component to overall wellbeing, we offer high-quality dental services for low income and vulnerable people in the community.

Our two fully equipped mobile units are designed to provide high-quality dental care in underprivileged areas. We have served workers on farms, children in schools, and the homeless on the streets.

Please give us a call soon to schedule your low-cost dental appointment.

Behavioral Health Services

Our excellent behavior health services include case management, psychiatric care, and therapy. These services are offered to children and adults with mental health and substance abuse concerns.

Additionally, many of our community health centers are staffed with experienced social workers that provide important services such as light therapy.

Women’s Health Services

Our women’s health services consist of urogynecological treatments and birth control options.

-Urogynecological Treatments

We offer effective urogynecological treatments for women who are suffering from urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and fecal incontinence. Our urogynecological treatments may consist of reconstructive surgery.

-Birth Control/Contraception

According to a recent study, over 1200 adult women who were 45 and younger are unfamiliar with the different types of birth control options available. Several of the women in the study have not had a conversation with their doctor about family planning.

Here are the different types of contraception offered.

Barrier Methods: The most popular barrier methods are the
diaphragm, male condoms, and female condoms. The reason why these types of contraception are effective is because they form a barrier between the sperm and eggs. Male and female condoms are also highly effective at preventing sexual transmitted disease.

Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives: Nexplanon implants and intrauterine devices are well-known long-acting reversible contraceptives, and they are considered the best methods to prevent pregnancy. These long-acting reversible contraceptives can last a long time.

Hormonal: These common contraception methods typically include birth control shots/pills, the patch, and vaginal rings. If hormonal contraception is used in the right manner, they can be extremely effective.

Permanent Sterilization: Also recognized as a permanent type of contraception, permanent sterilization is when a woman gets her tubes tied or a man undergoes a vasectomy. These sterilization options can only be reversed through surgery.

-Emergency Contraception: “Morning-after pills” such as Plan B are the most popular types of emergency contraception. When emergency contraception is used within five days of engaging in unprotected intercourse, they can be an extremely effective birth control method.

Optometry: Glasses, Contacts & Eye Exams

Due to the high cost of vision care, many people are unable to see an optometrist.

Clinica Sierra Vista prides itself on providing extremely affordable optometry services for children and adults. Our optometry services include comprehensive eye exams and prescription glasses/contacts.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

One of the most important ways to protect your vision is to obtain an eye exam every year.

During a comprehensive eye exam, we will perform many different tests to assess your vision. We will also look at the physical components of your eye to detect any diseases.

A thorough eye exam can definitely detect problems with your eyes, but it can also accomplish so much more. An eye exam can also reveal a wide variety of physical health problems. In many cases, regular screenings can detect the early signs of diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Prescription Eyewear

Prescription contacts and glasses can be expensive, and unfortunately, many people are unable to afford the eyewear that a doctor recommends.

Clinica Sierra Vista provides affordable glasses and contacts to children and adults. If you need eyewear after a vision exam, our experienced professionals will help you obtain low-cost contacts or glasses.

Specialty Care Services

Clinica Sierra Vista is proud to offer many different specialty care services, some of which include infectious diseases, podiatry, HIV, endocrinology, and much more.

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Whether you need a comprehensive eye exam or an effective birth control method, Clinica Sierra Vista strongly believes that the cost of medical care shouldn’t be a barrier to receiving important treatment. That’s why, our priority is to work with many different insurance companies and uninsured people in our community.

If you need affordable medical services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! To schedule your consultation, please give us a call at 1-833-278-4584. We are eager to hear from you! Thanks for checking us out!

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