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Specialty Care Services

Clinica Sierra Vista is proud to offer specialty care services, especially to those in need of health care who cannot afford the typical hospital's high costs. We provide medical care to those referred to our specialists and help you afford your treatment, because we believe health care is a right for everyone, not just a privilege for those with the best insurance. We are here to help.

Featured Specialty Care Areas

  • Endocrinology: These physicians specialize in treating the diseases and disorders affecting your hormonal glands. Most conditions require ongoing medical care, because they are chronic (lifelong) disorders, like hypothyroidism, diabetes, or other gland dysfunction.

  • Podiatry: The specialty of foot and ankle care is the main goal of podiatrists. Like other medical specialists, they can prescribe medication, set complex foot/ankle/leg fractures, perform surgery, and more. They often partner with other health professionals for patient care.

  • Nephrology: Kidney care is a field of medicine performed by nephrologists. Whether you have treatable kidney stones or chronic kidney disease, nephrologists can help make sure your body functions as it should and disposes of waste properly.

  • Optometry: The field of eye and vision care is performed by optometrists, who specialize in eye disease and vision correction. We offer affordable eye exams and prescription eyeglasses and contacts at Clinica Sierra Vista.

  • HIV treatment and related medical services: Being HIV+ is not as difficult to treat as it was when it became an epidemic in the 1980s. Today, we offer affordable HIV treatment and related medical services that can bolster the body’s ability to fight off infection and halt the progression of HIV before it becomes AIDS.

  • Kern Lifeline: Clinica Sierra Vista’s Ryan White Program/Kern Lifeline is a medical case management program that is patient-centered and community-minded. Eligible clients who are not covered through insurance (or if they are underinsured) can navigate available resources for the best possible health outcomes.

  • Infectious diseases: There are many types of contagious viral and bacterial infections, some spread through the air, others through sexual contact, and others can be cured by antibiotics. We offer treatments and vaccinations of potential infections you could catch from another person’s bodily fluids coming into contact with you.

  • Urogynecology: Also called urogyns, these specialists diagnose and treat women who have pelvic floor disorders. They offer additional expertise compared to primary care physicians, OB/GYNs, or urologists. They can help with problems like prolapse and incontinence, among others.

Are you in need of a specialist inn Fresno or Bakersfield? Get in touch with us at Clinica Sierra Vista at 661-635-3050.
Our specialty services are affordable, even if you don’t have health insurance.