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Optometry - Glasses, Contacts & Eye Exams

At Clinica Sierra Vista, we know how vision care costs prevent many people in the communities we serve from seeing an optometrist when they need to do so. For that reason, we’re proud to provide low-cost eye exams and optometry services in Fresno and Bakersfield. We serve patients of all ages and work with many different insurance companies. We strive to ensure eye care and vision help is accessible to everyone. With our sliding fee scale, lower-income patients without vision insurance can get eye exams.

At Clinica Sierra Vista, we’re committed to serving individuals in our community who don’t have vision insurance. We offer payments on a sliding fee scale, with the lowest payments set at $10. Families from throughout Kern and Fresno Counties come to our clinic because they know that they we truly care about their health. Our experienced optometrists and eye office staff love working with patients of all ages.

Affordable, Comprehensive Eye Exams in Fresno & Bakersfield

Yearly eye exams are an essential step to protect both your eye health and vision. People of all ages should get regular exams, even if they think they have perfect vision. It’s vital for kids to see an optometrist if a school vision exam recommends that your child have a more comprehensive vision exam. During your appointment, an optometrist will conduct tests to assess your ability to see clearly while also examining your eye's physical structure to check for abnormalities.

I Have Diabetes. Why Is My Eye Health Important?

Annual eye exams are essential for individuals with diabetes, too, because people with diabetes are at a higher risk of vision loss. Regular checkups with an optometrist will detect early signs of diabetic eye disease. Early detection of this potentially devastating condition is critical to maintaining eye health. If you have diabetes and haven’t had an eye exam in the last year, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Taking care of your eyes isn’t just about correcting your vision with glasses or contacts. Eye exams include checking the health of your retina and the blood vessels surrounding it. These blood vessels can hold valuable insight into your overall physical health, too, because certain conditions are apparent in specific eye diseases like diabetes.

Prescription Eyeglasses Starting at $50, Including Glasses & Frames

If you’ve had past eye exams but couldn’t afford prescription eyeglasses or contacts the doctor recommended, we understand your frustration. Eyewear can be expensive, especially if you need multifocal lenses or special lens coatings, not to mention, the frames of the glasses are typically not included in the price of the eyeglasses. That’s why even some people who do have vision insurance often can’t afford glasses or contacts.

At Clinica Sierra Vista, our low-cost eyeglasses and contacts are affordable. We will work with you to ensure you get the vision correction you need. Glasses start at $50, including lenses and frames. This is much more affordable than buying glasses without insurance or through a coverage vision plan that leaves you underinsured. We even accept prescriptions from other eye doctors to provide lower-cost eyeglasses.

Eye Exams for Children

If your child has mentioned that they struggle to see the chalkboard in class, it’s important to schedule a vision exam. A pair of glasses can significantly improve their quality of life and even boost their grades in school. Addressing vision issues promptly can even set them up for future success in life. Our knowledgeable optometrists are familiar with how children can be quite anxious at an eye exam and want to “impress” their doctor by having perfect vision, but we can put your child at ease. There is no shame in needing to wear glasses, and by starting young and having a positive experience at the eye doctor’s office, they’ll continue getting routine eye exams for life.

Older Adults & Eye Exams

Vision tends to change over time, just like other parts of your body, so it’s also important for adults aged 65 and older to have routine eye exams. If you are struggling to see, prescription eyeglasses can relieve the frustration you feel from trying to find a cheap pair of eyeglasses you’d find at a convenience store or supermarket. Maintaining your vision for as long as possible will also help you feel more socially connected. Staying connected and active is key to preventing or minimizing diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Affordable prescription glasses and contacts are available at Clinica Sierra Vista.

Affordable Vision Care for Insured & Uninsured Patients

Whether you have vision insurance or not, you likely know from experience that eye exams can be expensive. At Clinica Sierra Vista, we believe that the cost of care shouldn’t prevent anyone from getting the best vision care possible. We work with insurance companies and uninsured individuals to meet the eye care needs of our community. Please don’t hesitate to call us just because you’re concerned that you might not be able to pay for an eye exam or glasses.

If you do have vision insurance, we’ll bill your insurance company and will help you understand what costs your plan covers. We accept many different types of insurance including:

  • Medicare

  • Medi-Cal

  • Health Net

  • Kern Family Health Care

  • And many more

Scheduling an Appointment

Your eye health can’t wait. After all, you rely on your vision during nearly every waking moment of your life. Failing to get the appropriate care can be devastating. If you suffer from vision problems, corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses can change your life by restoring your sense of sight. If you struggle with other health problems, getting high-quality vision care can help provide insights into your overall wellbeing. Individuals of all ages will benefit from regular, professional eye care services.

We know that vision care can be expensive, but we don’t think that should keep anyone from getting the care they desperately need.

Clinica Sierra Vista now offers optometry services at 34th Street Community Health Center. Call us at 661-635-3050 to learn more and set up your appointment for yourself or your child.