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Katie Thompson

  • Position: Chief Human Resources Officer

About Katie

Katie Thompson serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Clinica Sierra Vista, where her expertise in organizational development and workforce management plays a pivotal role. Her responsibility encompasses creating strategies that not only support the organization's goals but also enrich the employee and patient experience. Katie's journey to her current role has been marked by diverse experiences across sectors, including financial institutions, educational bodies, and healthcare. Her tenure at Wells Fargo, Kern High School District, and now at Clinica Sierra Vista highlights her adaptability and proficiency in leading complex initiatives and cross-functional teams.

Katie's career is studded with achievements, including impacting communities positively, managing teams globally, and fostering an engaged work culture. Her skill set spans human resources, risk management, strategic planning, and client relations, making her an invaluable asset to Clinica Sierra Vista. As CHRO, Katie's influence at Clinica Sierra Vista is profound, ensuring the recruitment of skilled individuals and fostering employee satisfaction. Her role is crucial in aligning the workforce with the clinic's vision of delivering exceptional healthcare.

Katie’s leadership philosophy centers around a transformational and equitable work culture. She resonates deeply with Clinica Sierra Vista's longstanding community presence and its commitment to quality healthcare. Outside work, Katie values family time and the joy of travel. She draws inspiration from CEO Dr. Meave’s dedication to healthcare and community service, reflecting her own values in professional and personal spheres.

Looking ahead, Katie aspires for continued growth and success with Clinica Sierra Vista. Her community involvement, especially in mentoring, echoes her commitment to giving back and fostering diversity and inclusion. An advocate for Clinica Sierra Vista's accomplishments, Katie’s leadership style emphasizes being present, positive, and an active listener, enhancing the clinic's vibrant work culture.