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Oscar Fletes

  • Position: Chief Operations Officer

About Oscar

Oscar Fletes, the Chief Operations Officer at Clinica Sierra Vista, is a seasoned leader in healthcare operations. His comprehensive understanding of primary care policies, coupled with his expertise in regulatory compliance, positions him as a central figure in ensuring excellence across the organization's medical, dental, behavioral health, and other health center areas.

Oscar's journey through the pharmacy, purchasing, and general services ranks has culminated in a role where his strategic planning and policy development skills significantly contribute to Clinica Sierra Vista's mission. He is particularly proud of his recognition as a Geiger Gibson Emergent Leader and his academic achievements in UCLA's Executive Leadership program.

In his role, Oscar's skill set is diverse, spanning clinic operations, project management, mergers, acquisitions, and capital development. This goal-oriented approach has proven effective in navigating the complexities of Federally Qualified Health Centers, demonstrating flexibility and innovation in problem-solving.

His leadership philosophy is rooted in the Golden Rule, treating others with fairness and respect, a principle that resonates with his personal mission to serve those in need. Oscar's dedication to his work is paralleled by his passion for outdoor adventures and culinary pursuits, where he finds joy and relaxation with his loved ones.

Influenced by the pragmatic insights of Ray Dalio's "Principles," Oscar aspires to see Clinica Sierra Vista flourish as a beacon of quality care and an employer of choice. His commitment to change and adaptation echoes Charles Darwin's insights, driving him to foster a responsive and progressive healthcare environment.

Oscar's commitment extends beyond his professional duties, as he actively engages in community service with Catholic Charities in Bakersfield, reinforcing his dedication to making a tangible difference in people's lives.