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Strategic Goals

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These are our health care organization’s top goals by the end of 2021:

  1. Clinica Sierra Vista’s target aim is to transform our care delivery model to prioritize population health. We aim to do that by enhancing Clinica Sierra Vista’s Team Based Care delivery model. The model will include holistic defect-free healthcare with no waiting through intentional culture development while eliminating errors and non-value-added work from our system.

    1. STRATEGIC DIRECTION ALIGNMENT 1. The guiding A3 aligns with our strategic plan strategies 1. The goals outlined for the next two years align with our strategies of developing a system that is reliable and safe 2. That develops our people to their full potential 3. Building quality into every process in flow 4. Incorporating these things into our processes is the innovation we strive to achieve 2. Foundationally, the Clinica Sierra Vista Production System (CSVPS) will empower our teams to problem solve and look for innovative ways to help CSV accomplish its mission

    2. Center of Excellence GOAL (AIM / TARGET CONDITION) To establish a center of excellence using “Daily Management”, focusing on stability, kaizen, and staff engagement promoting innovative approaches to improving patient experience and with the following characteristics: 1. Population health through patient-centered, family-focused health outcomes and a standard that allows for empanelment and a team-based care to be assigned to each patient 2. Standard work developed for each cycle of work that includes and exceeds regulatory guidelines and metrics 3. Enhance the usage of reporting tool in EPIC 4. Outstanding internal and external customer service through advanced training methods 5. Employee and patient satisfaction surveys 6. State of art facilities 7. Welcoming, clean, patient friendly environments 8. Centers with all health services included (One stop shop)

  2. Disease Management Program - Hypertension

    1. GOAL (AIM / TARGET CONDITION) 1. Our aim is to establish a comprehensive disease management program that can be scaled across the organization to manage various diseases that affect a high percentage of the patients we serve 2. Our goal is to establish a program that is collaborative in nature and utilizes various resources and departments within Clinica Sierra Vista to manage these comorbidities

    2. The first disease that the A3 will address will be Hypertension disease management