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Substance Use Disorders

There’s no better time than right now to break free from the chains of addiction. At Clinica Sierra Vista, we believe you can overcome substance abuse disorder (SUD), especially with our compassionate medical team by your side. We tailor SUD treatment to the patient with customized treatment to meet them wherever they are in their acceptance of being an addict. That means whether you’re anywhere on the spectrum of being ready to start SUD treatment, from skeptical or discouraged, all the way to fully willing to start treatment.

At Clinica Sierra Vista, we help men, women, and families cope with what is often hard to discuss: addiction. We can help the addict themselves get “clean,” of course, but we also help them develop tools they’ll need to manage cravings they will face daily. We are there to motivate and encourage patients through individual, group, and family counseling, educational groups, and we teach relapse prevention techniques.

We understand you likely would rather wait to put off SUD treatment. Today is the day you should take steps to a) admit you’re and addict, and b) do all you can to break free of your substance abuse. Our team is here to reassure you that the “right time” is now. From the moment you enter treatment with us, we’ll provide you with the respect and dignity you deserve. Our experienced, certified addiction counselors and medical staff helps patients confront drug and/or alcohol addiction.

How Can I Get “Clean” from Drugs or Alcohol?

When you decide you are ready to leave your substance of choice in the past, we can help, but it’s not safe for you to just go “cold turkey” from drinking or ingesting illicit drugs. These drugs often have overpowering withdrawal symptoms that can make you feel miserable and develop intense cravings to quiet your mind. This is a vicious cycle that will only keep going until you take proactive steps to end your substance abuse.

Alcohol and/or drug addiction is an immense burden: physically, emotionally, and spiritually; and it can be difficult if not possible to escape from it without professional help. Remember, it’s not a problem you have to take on without help. Getting clean isn’t easy to do on your own, and in fact, it might be impossible. Withdrawal is simply too taxing on the mind and body for most addicts. This leads the addict to think their pain and suffering can only be alleviated by partaking in their substance of choice yet again to avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

The first step is admitting you have a problem with drugs. The next steps are:

  • Medical intake: A registered nurse will discuss how you use your drug(s) of choice, and help you look at the damaging effects of your addiction while exploring if you are still in denial. Even if you are addicted to prescription drugs, it’s essential to know it’s still an addiction like any other if it is negatively impacting your daily life. Your drug use history will be documented, and your individualized treatment plan will be introduced.

  • Medically supervised detox: This step is a personalized detoxification process in which the remnants of drugs in your body are removed. The detox process is medically supervised, so your withdrawal symptoms are manageable, and you maintain comfort while the drugs leave your body. This does not mean you are sober, though. The next steps are crucial before you can be in remission from addiction.

  • Maintaining abstinence from drug use: It takes about 90 continuous days of abstinence until you reach the “maintenance” stage. You will learn your triggers to use and education on how to prevent a relapse. You will know how the quality of your life is better than relapsing, and that also means replacing one addiction for another; for instance, you will learn not to swap alcoholism with a shopping or gambling addiction.

  • Advanced recovery: Once you’ve been sober for about 5 years, you will continue to use the skills and create long-term goals to seek happiness and fulfillment in life without resorting to drugs or alcohol. Remember, recovery from drug and/or alcohol abuse is a lifelong process and requires ongoing commitment throughout treatment, from the first step of admitting you to addiction and conquering denial, going through detox, maintaining sobriety, and getting to the stage of advanced recovery. It’s important to know that you can never be “cured” from addiction – it is a lifelong recovery process.

Am I Eligible for Substance Use Disorder Treatment?

Clinica Sierra Vista offers counseling services to patients aged 13 and over for substance use disorders (SUD) through our Delano and Ebony (Bakersfield) Behavioral Health Centers. We also offer school-based substance use disorder treatment on select school campuses in Delano. Services for co-occurring specialty mental health and substance-complicated disorders are available at all specialty behavioral health centers in Kern and Fresno Counties. All Clinica community health centers screen for substance-use disorders and refer to appropriate nearby locations for those interested in being treated.

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Our Substance Abuse Disorder Center Locations

Ebony Counseling Center

3117 Wilson Road
Bakersfield, CA 93304
NPI #: 1194176719: “Licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services.”


355 Dover Pkwy
Delano, CA 93215
NPI # 1881814838: “Licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services.”

Lamont SUD

8787 Hall Rd
in the trailers behind the CHC
NPI # 1497425276: “Licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services.”

Referrals can be made by calling or walking into any of our behavioral health centers in Delano, Frazier Park, Lamont, or Bakersfield.