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Understanding IRS Form 1095-A

During tax season, Covered California issues the IRS Form 1095-A, a crucial document for your tax filing. This form is essential for anyone who needs to prove they had Minimum Essential Coverage, reconcile Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) received, or claim the premium tax credit. It reflects the amount paid to Covered California Qualified Health Plans for your health coverage in 2023.

Our Assistance

We are here to provide assistance free of charge. If you have not received your IRS Form 1095-A or need assistance accessing a copy of it, please don't hesitate to contact or visit Clinica Sierra Vista's Health Insurance Assistance Program:

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When and How You'll Receive The IRS Form 1095-A

Deadline: Covered California will send out IRS 1095-A forms by January 31, 2024.

  • Email Preference: If you opted for email communication, you’ll receive an email with instructions to download your forms from your CalHEERS account. No mail delivery.
  • Mail Preference: If you opted for mail communication, expect your forms in the post, possibly after January 31.
  • Online Access: All consumers can access their IRS Form 1095-A online from the CalHEERS account Home Page or under Documents & Correspondence.

Please Note: If you changed plans or experienced a gap in coverage in 2023, you might receive multiple 1095-A forms. Each enrolled plan generates a separate form, regardless of whether APTC was applied.

For the 2023 benefit year, consumers will not receive FTB 3895 tax forms, as the California Premium Assistance Subsidy was not distributed. FTB 3895 tax forms are available for 2020 and 2021.

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