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Fresno Nephrologists Offering Kidney Care Services

Our board-certified nephrologists specialize in treating and managing patients diagnosed with kidney conditions, from kidney stones to chronic kidney diseases. Most of our patients come to us referred from their primary care doctor or another specialist who has diagnosed a kidney condition that is best treated by a nephrologist. These physicians have extensive training in how the kidneys ought to function, and apart from kidney failure, many other kidney-related concerns lead patients to seek out nephrological care. Some of the other conditions nephrologists treat are injuries, stones, infections of the kidneys.

How Are the Kidneys Supposed to Work?

Across the globe, many people deal with kidney and bladder conditions that interfere with their kidneys’ ability to function as they should. In a healthy person, the kidneys sort through the waste products the body produces, balance the body's chemicals (such as electrolytes, minerals, and other fluids), and remove urine and transfer it to the bladder.

Any of the following symptoms may indicate a kidney problem or disease:

  • Unexplained nausea and vomiting
  • Difficulty passing urine
  • Kidney pain in the flank area
  • Insomnia with fatigue
  • A “metallic” taste in the mouth
  • Muscle aches and twitches
  • Swollen feet and ankles
  • Constant itchy
  • Shortness of breath

Should I See a Nephrologist?

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, it may or may not be a kidney problem, so go to your primary care doctor first if you are in doubt. If there is a likely kidney problem, your PCP will refer you to a nephrologist, a physician who is a kidney specialist. Kidney conditions are usually progressive and can lead to kidney failure if not treated promptly.

Once the kidneys have lost their functional abilities, it becomes a chronic (lifelong) disease. As the bodily fluids and wastes continue to build up and cause serious health problems, it can cause kidney failure, and by that point, the only treatment is daily dialysis or a kidney transplant, if you are eligible and find a suitable donor.

Am I at Risk for Kidney Disease?

People with diabetes must be cautious with their kidney health, as type 2 diabetics with uncontrolled blood sugar frequently coincide with chronic kidney disease or kidney failure. Some of the other associated diseases also put you at risk too. They include HIV/AIDS, autoimmune disorders, all types of hepatitis, frequent urinary tract infections, and hypo- or hypertension (blood pressure fluctuations).

To make an appointment with a nephrologist in Fresno, please contact Clinica Sierra Vista at 661-635-3050.
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