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Birth Control & Family Planning Services for Teen Moms

Teenage Pregnancy Support Services in Kern County

At Clinica Sierra Vista, we support adolescents younger than 20 who are expectant mothers. We realize their frustration and anxiety about having a baby before planning to become a mother. That’s why we provide the Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP) to provide comprehensive case management services to expectant teen parents and their babies. We assign case managers to work closely with the teen patient to improve their health and wellbeing for both the teen and their baby. This voluntary program is targeted at expectant or parenting teens aged 19 and younger, but they may remain in the program until the age of 20.
Some of the services we offer expectant teenage mothers and adolescent mothers:

  • Contraception education: Sexually active Teens should be well-educated on contraception, also called birth control. There are many birth control methods, and by combining more than one type of contraception, the better the odds are that she will not have an unplanned pregnancy. For example, we prescribe oral contraception pills (also known as “the pill”) and give free condoms to young women. Condoms should be used every time a woman has intercourse with a non-monogamous partner, especially if they do not intend to conceive. Condoms are also the only method to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs, sometimes called STDs).
  • Prenatal care: During pregnancy, routine prenatal checkups are important to monitor the teen’s health and the growing baby’s health. Teens often need specialized prenatal care. Our obstetricians are skilled in helping expectant teen mothers by educating them on good prenatal nutrition, avoiding risky substances, and taking childbirth classes in advance of labor and delivery.
  • Emotional support: Teenage pregnancy profoundly impacts their lives. We can help expectant teen moms understand their options and learn about the challenges they will endure as a young parent who likely is still in school and/or working. The teen’s parents may or may not be involved; whether the teen chooses they would like their support and guidance.
  • Preparation for the future: If a teen patient decides to keep her baby, it is important to know it often has a negative impact on her future, as she is statistically much less likely to graduate high school or attend college. Many live in poverty and are at a higher risk of domestic violence, as well. We can address these challenges head-on by discussing the teen patient’s goals and looking for programs that can help them complete their schooling, while also taking parenting classes. All this and more can help a teen prepare to financially support and raise their baby.

Are you the parent of a pregnant teen mother or already a teen mom?
Clinica Sierra Vista can help with affordable health care you deserve. We service Bakersfield, Arvin, Lamont, McFarland, and Delano.

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